What is Transcreation?

Transcreation is more than just having the content localized. It is not simply contextualizing and adapting every word existent in source. Rather, the goal of Transcreation is to preserve the message’s appeal and impact on the target audience. When it comes to translating advertising and marketing content, even the most skilled translator can get it wrong, if he/she does not pay special attention to preserving the global idea in the message, instead of paying attention to accuracy in localizing words.

To guarantee that target content reproduces the same impact as the one produced in the original message, transcreation focus on the global message by focusing on the following formula:

creative writing + target marketing knowledge + translation knowledge.

Thus, transcreating a content requires:

– Deep knowledge of certain local market dynamics and target audience (to whom the content aims to appeal, the knowledge of current cultural trends, client competitors, and current trends in advertising and marketing discourse);

–  Copywriting skills in the target language that enables a creative adaptation of word plays, reproducing catchy phrases or simply keeping content original in tone (humorous, corporate, edgy, satirical, etc); and

– Excellent translation and target language skills, that is, the advanced knowledge of source language, which happens to be particularly challenging in advertising or artistic content.