Linguist Services

Linguist Services

Translation & Localization

  • Localization of user documentation, UIs, software & hardware content (IT, Telecom)
  • Localization of mobile and game applications (Game)
  • Localization of marketing content, business, corporate, and educational content (Corporate Communications)
  • Translation of academic papers and scientific books (Humanities)

Editing & Proofreading

  • Editing and styling of editorial content, press releases, fine marketing, and advertising copy
  • Editing academic and marketing research content
  • Proofreading general and technical documentation


  • Creative writing for advertising and marketing copy
  • Drafting press releases and editorial content
  • Drafting educational and business-related content for corporate communications needs


Latest Final Clients & Projects:

  • Centre for Creative Learning (Top 10 Executive learning by Financial Times)
  • Microsoft Co.
  • Canon Inc.
  • Interactive Intelligence (call center & software solutions)
  • Redbooth (web-based collaboration platform)
  • Epicor (retail, business software)
  • Emarsys (email marketing solutions)
  • BDI Brazil Board (Brazil-Germany industry association)
  • Playtika Games
  • Nessco Systems (leader in Telecom solutions)