I am currently part of the vendor’s team of several agencies, many of them listed among top 100 language services providers in the world.  That means my services and profile has been evaluated and approved by these agencies rigorous admission process.

  •  Abbyy Language Services (Russia)
  • Actoz Sotware (Germany)
  • Agito Langwire (Denmark)
  • Alaya, Inc (Japan)
  • Atenao (France)
  • Cambridge Editing (UK)
  • Capita Translations (UK)
  • CET Translations (Romania)
  • Consenso Global (Portugal)
  • DalyTranslate (UK)
  • E-Verba (Argentina)
  • (Germany)
  • Filogis Traduction (France)
  • Global Translate (Germany)
  • Honyaku Center Inc (Japan)
  • Ishida Taiseisha, Inc (Japan)
  • Kontextor (Germany)
  • L10N (Portugal)
  • La Traduction Française (Netherlands)
  • Liondbrige (UK)
  • LocStudio (Spain)
  • Mutscheller + Nitschell Translators (Germany)
  • Nativity Translations (Austria)
  • Net-Translators (Israel)
  • Plarium South (Russia)
  • ReadyTech (Netherlands)
  • RixTrans (United Kingdom)
  • SemioticTransfer AG (Switzerland)
  • Soror Language Services (South Africa)
  • The Translation People (France, UK)
  • Top Translations (Germany)
  • Yamagata Europe (Belgium)
  • TextAppeal (UK)
  • TTI (France)
  • Welocalize (US)




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