My Wordometer

Here you find a simple counter showing my productivity rates* so far in 2017**.
Below, a list featuring a summary of all my latest relevant assignments
in German, French and English into Brazilian Portuguese.

enfrde                            6,965w             266w            76,774w

* Metrics include total of words processed per language jobs (localization, transcreation, reviewing, editing, proofreading, etc.)
** Unlike regular translation jobs, transcreation jobs are not about quantity but quality 😉
Advertising taglines can have no more than 5 words and take as much as time as the translation of an entire white paper!

Localization of ERP Solution Software UI (update)

Field: Software/Finance
Language: EN> PT-Br
Volume: 157w
Client: Russia

Localization of Application UI (update)

Field: Mobile App
Language: EN> PT-Br
Client: Russia

Localization of software UI (update)

Field: Car Navigation System
Language: EN> PT-Br
Client: Israel

Transcreation of Educational app (update)

Field: Mathematics
Language: EN> PT-Br
Client: Israel

Transcreation of Game content (update)

Field: Arcade
Language: EN> PT-Br
Client: Germany

Localization of Product Descriptions for Website

Field: Health Products
Language: EN> PT-Br
Client: Russia

Proofreading Hardware Data Sheets

Field: Cloud Managed Wi-Fi Services
Language: EN> PT-Br
Client: Israel