Portuguese Brazilian Transcreator

Soraya Guimarães Hoepfner

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  • Transcreation for Advertising and Marketing copy
  • Translation, Localization, Editing, Proofreading services
  • Brazilian Marketing Research and SEO services
  • Copywriting in Corporate Communications


  • Competent and effective professional translator, complete with excellent writing and research skills
  • Creative and able to localize content in order to deliver the right style to the right audience
  • Corporate communication expert with solid track of copywriting experience in the industry in the Brazilian market
  • Focused, detail-oriented, highly responsive, and committed to industry standard translation quality
  • Capable of providing the best localization for marketing and selling-oriented content in any field of specialty.

Main Fields:

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Corporate Communications
  • Humanities
  • New Media


  • Trados Studio
  • Catalyst
  • MemSource
  • MS Helium, MS Leaf (Microsoft exclusive tools)
  • XBench (QA)

Localization of ERP Solution Software UI (update) Field: Software/Finance Language: EN> PT-Br Volume: 157w Client: Russia

Localization of Application UI (update) Field: Mobile App Language: EN> PT-Br Volume:500w Client: Russia

Localization of software UI (update) Field: Car Navigation System Language: EN> PT-Br Volume:718w Client: Israel

Transcreation of Educational app (update) Field: Mathematics Language: EN> PT-Br Volume:230w Client: Israel

Transcreation of Game content (update) Field: Arcade Language: EN> PT-Br Volume:2,973w Client: Germany

Localization of Product Descriptions for Website Field: Health Products Language: EN> PT-Br Volume:622w Client: Russia

Proofreading Hardware Data Sheets Field: Cloud Managed Wi-Fi Services Language: EN> PT-Br Volume:14,783w Client: Israel